The mission of Alliance Housing is to create, own, and operate housing for low and very low income people in Minneapolis and the wider Twin Cities metropolitan area.

Alliance Housing develops, owns, and operates affordable housing for poor and homeless people. Started in 1991 by residents and staff of St. Stephen’s Emergency Shelter, Alliance Housing places homeless single adults and families in rooms and apartments in south Minneapolis. Prospective residents must be able to pay their rent and respect the property and their neighbors.

Since 1996, Alliance Housing has also developed larger supportive housing projects in partnership with the Central Community Housing Trust and RS Eden. This housing requires that residents keep clean and sober. 211 single adults and families live in this housing, all of whom were homeless at move-in. Alliance Housing is presently focused on developing workforce housing for low wage and entry-level workers. This housing will offer residents an affordable rent in property close to major transportation corridors so that residents will be able to get to work quickly and cheaply.

Our Fundraising Projects